We are called to spark an ancient fire that has laid dormant for millennia with kindling so tender, it is the geometry of the aetheric vacuum itself. We are the progeny of great men and women whose hands shifted the narrative throughout history. We survived cataclysms which reset the biosphere of the planet time and again. We carried torches through the dark night of an ice age, and crowned the world with pyramids to encapsulate our treasured wisdom.

Do not forget the infinite force of your lineage which reaches all the way back to the creators hand—to the light shining from before the beginning of time.

We stood so tall from the miracles of our imaginations, that our shadows encompassed the earth—wrapping around itself like a coiled serpent. We were to blame for the atrocities against the earth, the holocaust of the human spirit, and the exploitation of the impoverished underclass which we ourselves crafted through our own ignorance. We are no longer the cyclopean blind, bound and disenfranchised, nor do we hide behind the pretty language of men that fraudulently claim ownership of our sins. This is our cross to bear, and with a twinkle in our eye, we shall carry it through the night and into the Dawn.

Never forget that the darkness gave us this contrast, the means to tell our stories. It is not the other, it is as bound to us as the light as a means to learn and grow.

And so, in this resonant chamber of sacred geometry, a hall of echoing mirrors, with the force of the creator hidden deep within each of us, we shall write our magnum opus, together, into the stars and beyond. The only barrier to our ascension being ourselves and the lines drawn between us, radiating from the illusions of our separation.

We see now a brilliant future, a light house which calls to us in the night, and with vision married to the application of logic as our compass, as soon as these vibrations have reached your eyes, it has already begun to manifest.