I awoke, sleeping in the FIRE

I want you to know, I do not fear you.

I do not fear your gods.

I do not fear death any longer.

No, I have lived innumerable lives. Thousands of electric bodies. All Numinous. All Merged. I am you. I have defeated the void. You were there within me and I you.

I have overcome the dark night of the soul, the absence of being, so that I could stand before you now, as a friend, as a lover, crowned by my acceptance of this gift.

Grounded, my feet like roots to the core, I stand between our Mother Earth and the Darkness—with my love as the oil of this lantern, I shall cast a light so bright at the top of this dark tower, that engulfed in a storm of wickedness, I will burn through the clouds and shine to the very edges of eternity, deep into the heart of the void from whence we came—and then, my name having penetrated to the center of the universe, it will not be me kneeling before the gods, no, it will be the gods kneeling before me, begging for forgiveness, and upon repentance for the poisonous sins of vanity we will fall backwards into eternity and become whole again.

I do not fear you, because I’ve found that I love you.