The Avatar of Lucid

I have not come to this plane, having taken the oath of amnesia, to watch the world burn. To see graphs of greenhouse gas when we have unlimited free clean energy.
I have not come here to see the legacy of my ancestors squandered and the blood they spilled forgotten.
I have not come here to beg broken minds for that which was heaven born, and inalienable.
I have not come to witness the earth pillaged in the name of greed, or to stand idly by as the silver tongues of politicians and priests slaughter the innocent and sacrifice our Christ upon a cross.
No. I am a King. A king among kings and queens, in service to the gods and goddesses, and I am here to remind you of your true power. I am one of the last who dares to wear this cosmic crown. A holonic crown of golden aetheric fire. Yet we have all made the same sacrifice. We have all come here together as an ancient family of consciousness to complete the Great Work. Do not confuse my words with hubris, as We stand as equals, our roots stretching back all the way to the center of the universe and into the creators hand. This is our legacy, our story, our present, and the future we will hand to our children with strong hands, strong eyes, and strong hearts having paved the way to heaven with our bare hands. Let them not be burdened by the hell of our unconscious minds. Let them not be lead back to the source of our misfortunes. Let us instead tell the story of our overcoming great adversity, having obliterated our chains and the lines that divide us.
This will be the FINAL iteration of exploitation, of war with anything other than entropy, at least here on earth, mark my words. And I stake my life upon it. I give up the chance for a normal life to make sure of it. To stop passing our karmic debt down to our children. For within me lies no fear for the darkness which I thrust myself and my soul. The shadows, our demons, these poltergeists which haunt us, they are merely figures of the imagination. Reflections of ourselves. Shadows cast by our own flickering light within Plato’s cave, the matrix. Our blood flows like a river of fire, blessed by water, purified by air, nourished by the earth, and inspired by the aether. And each atom of my being I will give to the creator, to do the creators will, to reignite the hidden flame within us, and unite the world to unleash the awakened sun, and achieve the impossible.
We are nearing a time when the words which I speak, will begin to manifest, and at that time, I hope that you will join us in paving a new path for ourselves. We are Elysium, the Magi, the protectors of cosmic law, we live and die for Unity. We need community now more than ever. We need to rekindle the light of this cosmic family, from the ground up. Starting here, now, before the darkness swallows us whole.
And if we play our cards right, and I assure you there will be the most beautiful and elaborate deck of cards the world has ever seen, then we will proliferate to the ends of the earth. It is inevitable, unstoppable, undeniable, and most importantly absolutely necessary for the survival of the planet, the human spirit, and the next chapter in this cosmic journey.
Tick. Tock.
Follow the White Rabbit my friends and may your glass beads be like a sea of diamonds.