1. CosmOS (Society OS)
    Infinitely scalable self governance, custom economic hierarchy chains, Vision based nations and economies, automated resource allocation systems.
  2. OpenARG
    Opensourced spiritual technology, augmented reality psy-tech, and a framework for alternate reality gaming designed to help the individual discover psychological weaknesses and turn them into strengths, while giving individuals back the power and wonder of their own narrative. This coupled with general eduction practices, that is funded and encouraged by digital currencies.
  3. Lighthouse Node infrastructures
    Deployable Nodes to instantiate a cheap energy efficient LightWeb, that connects people in communities without intervention.
  4. Unanimous ideation and proliferation
    We must center ourselves around ideas which solve problems globally, working towards the liberation of ALL mankind as empowering one individual further empowers us all.
  5. Focused problem solving
    Each issue presented will be categorized and voted on by the collective so that we are able to prioritize it with regard to efficiency towards enriching the whole by analyzing it with the best of the collectives abilities.