We are Unanimous

(of two or more people) fully in agreement.
“the doctors were unanimous in their diagnoses”
synonyms: united, in agreement, in accord, of one mind, of the same mind, in harmony, concordant, undivided, as one
“doctors were unanimous about the effects”
(of an opinion, decision, or vote) held or carried by everyone involved.
synonyms: uniform, consistent, united, concerted, congruent
“a unanimous vote”

#1 The destruction of the world is a concern for everyone [Y/N]
#2 The exploitation of people as resources is immoral [Y/N]
#3 Humans are of the same family tree of evolution [Y/N]
#4 The sun is a bright star that gives energy which provides life on the planet [Y/N]

It’s actually not so hard to be Unanimous. If only, we would ask the right questions.

Let us take into consideration from a technical perspective what it actually means to be Unanimous

The Blockchain is Unanimous… Strange, that a new technology that utilizes just ONE new feature of universal consensus is so revolutionary? Why is that? What makes it different?

They say it is “unhackable”. It is something nearly indestructible and almost impossible to exploit. It’s far more powerful than a single node. It is ALL nodes, working in unison.

Am I claiming that EVERY thing should be unanimous?


Thats completely absurd, thats about as absurd as saying everything should be Anonymous. Clearly that is also just throwing coins in the Wishing Well.

There are two distinct forces, one is anonymous, a necessary force required in a world who’s nations spy and conspire against it’s people to destroy what???? Collectives. Collectives that focus on powerful ideas, ideas that threaten the establishment and it’s power. It isn’t Anon they are afraid of, no, they can easily exploit Anonymous, because anyone can wear a mask, anyone can claim to represent Anonymous for good or ill…

But Unanimous?

Thats a world undivided. That is the harmony of the planet.
Thats what those within the shadows fear the most.
The Light of the Sun.

We Are Unanimous
We can forgive.
We can forget.
Expect Us.